At a Glance


Cinnamon french toast v $7.90

Toasted muesli with fruits & yoghurt v $7.90

Pancakes with mixed berries & cream $8.90

Idli Sambhar (all day) $8.90 savoury cakes served with madras style lentil & vegetable soup and homemade coconut chutney

Paratha v (all day) $6.50 freshly made warm indian flatbread with fillings choice of filling: carom seed & chilli, cauliflower & herb, spinach & coriander, potato & herbs, paneer cheese & coriander sides: seasoned yoghurt, mixed vegetable pickle, pineapple raita, mango chutney, masala chips $2 ea


Samosa v pastry with spiced potatoes & peas, served with mint yoghurt dip $3ea or $5.50 plate

Spring Roll v assorted vegetables and potatoes rolled in pastry, served with sweet chilli sauce $3 ea or $5.50 plate (2)

Pakora v g chickpea & herb battered fritters with fillings, served with mint yoghurt dip $3 ea or $8.50 plate (3). choose from: spinach medley, crisp onion, paneer cheese

Hot Chips v g reg. 3.50 large 4.50 sauces: tomato, sweet chilli, tamarind, green chilli seasoning: salt, chat masala, paprika


Coffee reg. $3.50 large $4.50 cappuccino, mocha, latte, flat white, long black, short black

Tea $4 chai latte, assam, darjeeling, earl grey, mint spice, kashmir cardamom & almond, masala chai


Lassi (Indian Smoothie) $5.50 mango, mango ginger & mint, sweet, blueberry, mixed berry, spiced & savoury

Milkshake $5.50 banana, chocolate, strawberry, coffee, caramel

Sparkling $4.50 ginger mint lemonade, desert rose, lemon masala

Juices & Fruit Drinks (see front counter for price)

$8.50 ea

Poha v g mild-spiced warm indian flat rice sautéed with tomatoes, peanuts & fresh coriander

Indian Spring v g mung bean, spinach & quinoa tossed with our homemade tamarind dressing

Monsoon Zest v g tangy chickpeas, tomatoes, onions with fresh lime, tamarind & coriander


Assorted Vegetables Stir-Fried drizzled with lemon & seasoned with chat masala v g $15.90

Aloo Paratha Quesadilla with spinach, olives & mozarella $15.90

Samosa Burger with lettuce, onion, tomato, spices & your choice of dressing v $9

Aloo-Tikki Burger with red onion, paneer cheese, tomato, lettuce & your choice dressing v g $9


Bhel Puri v g crisp puffed rice & savoury bites tossed with cucumber, onions, peanuts, sev, potatoes, tomatoes, chutneys & coriander. $8.50

Aloo Tikki Chaat v g pan-fried potato, herb & lentil cakes topped with chutneys, chana masala curry, yoghurt, and a dash of ginger & beetroot. $8.50

Samosa Chaat bite sized samosa pieces tossed with chana masala curry, yoghurt, onions, sev & topped with chutneys. $8.50

Chaat Papri v g crunchy savoury bites tossed with potatoes, chickpeas, herbs, yoghurt, beetroot, sev & topped with chutneys. $8.50

Pav Bhaji v g mixed vegetables in spicy tomato gravy. Served with buttered white rolls. $8.50

Pani Puri v g Mini globe-like puris served with an exciting blend of ingredients and spices. Also included is a refreshing herb-spiced drink. $8.50 (5 pieces)

Hot Chips Chaat v g bite-size hot chips tossed with onions & chickpeas. Topped with chutneys, yoghurt, ginger & a dash of lemon. $8.50

Dhokla sweet & tangy steamed spongecake made from chickpea flour and topped with herbs & mustard seeds. $8.50 (2 slices)


Traditional Indian

Masala Kulcha & Gravy indian bread stuffed with potatoes, onions, spices, served with with mild spiced tomato & onion gravy $10

Chana Bhatura delightful curry made from chick- peas, herbs & spices and a hint of lemon; served with a scrumptiously cheesy & chewy deep-fried bread. $13.50

Puri Aloo v a simple & delightful roadside dish from central India, made of potatoes in tomato & onion gravy and served with delicious traditional puri bread. 13.50

Makki di Roti, Sarson da Saag v a very popular curry from the northern subcontinent, made from spinach & mustard leaves, traditional spices and served with home-made corn flatbread. $13.50

Naan & Curry $10

Roti & Curry v $10

Rice Dishes 

Chitaranna v g south-indian lemon rice, with vegetables 12.50

Vegetable Fried Rice v g mild spiced steamed basmati rice with vegetables 12.50
Sambhar Rice v g steamed rice served with sambhar (mild spiced south-indian lentil & vegetable curry) $10
Daily Curry with Rice $10


Gajrela traditional rich dessert made from carrots, dried fruits, nuts, and exotic spices. $8.50

Sooji Halwa roasted sooji (semolina) sautéed with almonds, raisins, and flavoured with cardamom & saffron. $8.50

Gulab Jamun & Vanilla Ice Cream dumplings soaked in rose flavoured syrup & served with ice cream $8.50

*vegan available, g glutenfree, ^dressings: thousand island, sweet chilli, honey mustard, lemon myrtle

please inform us if you have any special dietary requirments.