Hearty Meals

Traditional Indian

Masala Kulcha & Gravy indian bread stuffed with potatoes, onions, spices, served with with mild spiced tomato & onion gravy $10

Chana Bhatura delightful curry made from chick- peas, herbs & spices and a hint of lemon; served with a scrumptiously cheesy & chewy deep-fried bread. $13.50

Puri Aloo a simple & delightful roadside dish from central India, made of potatoes in tomato & onion gravy and served with delicious traditional puri bread. 13.50

Makki di Roti, Sarson da Saag a very popular curry from the northern subcontinent, made from spinach & mustard leaves, traditional spices and served with home-made corn flatbread. $13.50

Naan & Curry $10

Roti & Curry $10

Rice Dishes 

Chitaranna v g south-indian lemon rice, with vegetables 12.50

Vegetable Fried Rice v g mild spiced steamed basmati rice with vegetables 12.50 Sambhar Rice v g steamed rice served with sambhar (mild spiced south-indian lentil & vegetable curry) $10 Daily Curry with Rice $10