Daily Menu

Weekly Soups
Delicious soups made with the freshest ingredients. S $6.50, L $8.50, Dine in: $9


Muesli with fruit & yoghurt $7.50
Porridge with brown sugar & desiccated coconut $6.50

Turkish, Focaccia & Salad Rolls

Daily varieties available. $ 4.50-$7.50


(Mozzarella $5.50, Cauliflower herbs & cheese, Potato herbs & cheese, Antipasto) $7.50

Daily Dal

Creamy lentil purée cooked Indian style. Our repertoire includes populars such Red-lentil, Mung, and exotics like Gram-chickpea, Toor (or Pigeon pea). Served with rice. $ 10.00

Daily Curry

Fresh produce combined with fragrant spices & flavoursome ingredients. Our large repertoire of curries includes select populars & exotic varieties. Served with rice. $ 10.00


Punjabi Samosas $2.50 each
Asian Spring Rolls $2.50 each
Nachos $5.50

Sweets & Brownies

Irresistable flavours for the sweet tooth. Prices vary.

Vegan & Gluten free-options available.