Street Food of India

Fridays Special

Street Food of India

Famous roadside delicacies bursting with flavours- spicy, tangy, crispy, crunchy & punchy.

Bhel Puri* (g)
Crisp puffed rice & savoury bites tossed with cucumber, onions, peanuts, sev, potatoes, tomatoes, chutneys & coriander. $6.50

Aloo Tikki Chaat* (g)
An all-time favourite. Pan-fried potato, herb & lentil cakes topped with chutneys, chana masala curry, yoghurt, and a dash of ginger & beetroot. $ 6.50

Samosa Chaat*
Bite sized samosa pieces tossed with chana masala curry, yoghurt, onions, sev & topped with chutneys. $ 6.50

Chaat Papri*
Crunchy savoury bites tossed with potatoes, chickpeas, herbs, yoghurt, beetroot, sev & topped with chutneys. $6.50

Bhalla Papri*
Soft, fluffy lentil dumplings mashed & mixed with crisp savoury bites topped with chutneys, herbs, yoghurt, pota- toes, chickpeas, beetroot & sev. $ 6.50

Mumbai Pav Bhaji*
This incredibly famous & tasty dish is made of mixed vegetables in spicy tomato gravy. Served with buttered white rolls. $6.50

Chana Bhatura
A Punjab favourite. A delightful curry made from chick- peas, herbs & spices and a hint of lemon; served with a scrumptiously cheesy & chewy deep-fried bread. Highly recommended. $12.50

Dahi Bhalla (g)
Succulent lentil dumplings marinated in natural yoghurt & topped with chutneys. $6.50

Hot Chips Chaat*
Hot Chips made bite-size & tossed with onions, chickpeas & potatoes. Topped with chutneys, yoghurt, ginger & a dash of lemon. $6.50

Red Chilli & Corn (g)
Sweet corn kernels tossed in spices, butter sauce & flavoured with really. hot. chilly. $6.50

Delhi Corn Chaat* (g)
Corn kernels spiced up and tossed in ginger herb & lemon juice and topped with tamarind & date chutney. $6.50

Pakoras* (g)
Delicious fritters made of chickpea & herb batter. A rainy day favourite, perfect with a cuppa. Available in varieties of:

Spinach, Potato & Onion/ Potato & Herb/ Crisp Onion $6.50 (4 pieces)

Puri Aloo*
A simple & delightful roadside snack from central India, made of potatoes in tomato & onion gravy and served with delicious traditional puri bread. $12.50

Idli Sambhar
Soft, fluffy wheat dumplings (Idli) rolled in mustard seeds & nestled in a bowl of Sambhar, a delicious stew of lentils, vegetables, spices & a hint of coconut. $ 8.50

Sambhar Rice* (g)
Sambhar, a delicious stew of lentils, vegetables, spices & a hint of coconut. served with rice. $10

Dhokla* (g)
A Gujrat delicacy, this sweet & tangy steamed spongecake is made from chickpea flour and topped with herbs & mustard seeds. $6.50 (2 slices)

Pani Puri*
 Mini globe-like puris served with an exciting blend of ingredients and spices. Also included is a refreshing herb-spiced drink. $8.50 (6 pieces)

*Vegan options available. Please indicate.